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PCL netstandard multi-target library implementation using project.json

netstandard project.json

Remarks At the time of this writing project.json is being moved in to the .csproj file. However, this requires Visual Studio 2017 and might not be mature enough. So if you’re still rollin’ VS 2015 or want to stick with project.json, this tutorial is for you. The new black As a Xamarin (Forms) developer we’ve historically heavily on Portable Class Libraries; PCL. However, the world has changed with the introduction of net core and the […]

Xamarin.Forms Dropbox integration (app folder)

Dropbox API

App backup / synchronization between devices Apps usually backup their content to the respective cloud to ensure local data isn’t lost, but there is of course no guarantee the user has activated those features. When working with Xamarin/Forms your app is available on more then one device, so you might want to sync files between the OS:s too – like an SQLite database for example. Complete Code for this tutorial DropboxService.cs GIST Dropbox v2 API SDK […]